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A Step Towards Transparency

The All-in Diversity Project’s mission is to be the global resource for gender, diversity and inclusion for the Gambling industry. Our Vision is to shift the paradigm for inclusion across the gaming industry through transparency, measurability and actionable tactics that can be adopted globally. We can’t fix what we can’t measure. As part of that [...]

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Women, Gambling and Glass Ceilings

The below opinion piece was written by our Co-Founder, Christina Thakor-Rankin and appeared in an issue Infinity Gaming Magazine. We believe that it’s important for both men and women to be judged on the quality of their work, and not on their physical or social characteristics. Our favourite line from the article speaks loud and [...]

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Gender ‘Diversity’ in Gambling – is it time to change the tune?

This article appeared in February 2017 issue of Infinity Gaming Magazine and was written by our Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin. We launched All-in shortly after this article was published, and looking back, this was the start of a very power conversation and move towards change. At All-In we believe there are very talented people in this industry as [...]

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Five Action Items for Gender Parity

At All-in, we focus on actionable business tactics to create change. Below is a summary of an article our Co-Founder, Kelly Kehn wrote for LinkedIn. It includes 5 things all businesses can do to move towards parity in the workplace and improve the bottom line. 1. Set goals and measure them. Every successful business does [...]

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