At All-in, we focus on actionable business tactics to create change. Below is a summary of an article our Co-Founder, Kelly Kehn wrote for LinkedIn. It includes 5 things all businesses can do to move towards parity in the workplace and improve the bottom line.

1. Set goals and measure them.

Every successful business does this, so why aren’t we doing it to measure progress towards gender equity? If we are to change the current situation, we must hold ourselves accountable. The only way to do that is through practical target setting and clear metrics to measure progress.

2. Align Perceptions

There is a reason that the book, “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,” is a bestseller. There are fundamental psychological differences between the two sexes. Aligning perceptions will bring you closer to a more inclusive culture, create more employee loyalty and save you money in the long run. It will also likely highlight some high-achievers who are not going to follow the “traditional route” to senior management. If we can align perceptions of how to advance the best talent, we open up our business to new opportunities, new revenue and new ways to operate.

3. Realise that industry image is at stake

An overall audit of our current external marketing and advertising strategies would likely reveal that we aren’t doing ourselves many favours on image. Are we delivering clear brand promises in our messages? Or are we delivering cheap stereotypes? And if the latter, why are we spending MILLIONS of dollars (pounds, euro, etc) doing so? Industry image affects how well we can recruit, how we can market to new customers and how our stocks perform. This is very much about working to raise the industry up as a whole by improving our own internal practices.

4. Don’t Assume.

There have been several global studies that estimate at the current rate of change, it will take over 100 years to achieve gender parity. [3] Gaming is even further behind this rate. We all need to do our part to improve the current state.

For the men:

Gaming will remain in the dark ages without your participation. We need advocates, we need the decision-makers supporting the careers of high achieving women, supporting policies and supporting the dynamic we bring to the table.

For the women:

You are the key to moving our industry toward success. Take charge of your career and ask for what you want. Speak up when things can be improved. Take an interest in new talent to the industry and if you aspire to senior management, start thinking about what skills and experience you need to get there. Ask for help. Start getting the experience. Say yes to opportunities.

5. Be conscious of where unconscious bias can appear

We are all guilty of using our “niche” industry experience to our advantage in job hunting and networking. We must be conscious of how and why that insulates our industry from gaining much needed outside experience. Consider what roles truly need gaming experience. Many other roles would benefit from having candidate experience from other industries – marketing, compliance, customer service, design, finance, payments, etc. New perspectives, new ideas and outside experience are good things for all of our businesses.