The gender pay gap reflects the on-going disparity, discrimination and inequalities in the market which, in practice, mainly affect women.

Its causes are complex and inter-related and differ from region to region.

Generating discussion and exposing the gender pay gap helps create greater transparency in the market-place which in turn acts as The a strong catalyst for change.

The All-in Diversity Project is committed to helping the betting and gambling sector close the gender pay gap. The All-Index will paint a picture of the global landscape highlighting variations by role, responsibilities and geographical regions to create a bench-mark for measurability and identify the tools for change, providing private consulting services to help businesses move towards greater gender parity.

There are many hard and soft benefits to closing the gap:

  • Closing the gender pay gap benefits both employees and employers in helping to recruit and retain the best talent
  • It creates a positive and vibrant working environment, creating trust amongst employees, increasing productivity and adding a new level of competitiveness based solely on merit.
  • It strengthens the economy overall – women hold 80% of purchasing power overall and their income is vitally important to the financial health of households. Ensuring salaries are equal to that of their male counterparts only serves to ensure economies thrive.
  • Closing the gender pay gap breeds a sense of equality and social justice which has far reaching long-term benefits for business.

If closing the pay gap is important to your business please get in touch.

We offer consulting services to complete your gender pay gap reporting in the UK and can assist businesses of all sizes help to close their gap.