The All-in Diversity Project is an industry-driven initiative which aims to bench-mark and generate an open and constructive discussion about diversity, equality and inclusion across the global betting and gaming sector.

The primary objective of year one is the establishment and publication of the ‘All-Index’ – an industry standard based upon voluntary self-reporting which aims to map the current landscape and from there develop a future roadmap for impactful and positive commercial and social change.

“The All-Index is about creating a level of transparency within the global industry. It’s about measuring first what we think we need to improve. We shouldn’t be investing in initiatives without the right benchmarks in place,” said Kelly Kehn, Co-Founder of All-in Diversity Project. “The All-Index will be the industry standard for benchmarking Diversity & Inclusion efforts across betting and gambling.”

“The idea of a survey or index isn’t new but the reasons for applying it now to the traditionally male betting and gambling sector are, and rests as much upon revenue and commercial necessity as anything else. The expectations and attitudes of our employees and our customers are changing – and are very different to those of 20, 10 or even 5 years ago. This is something we need to start talking about now to firstly understand, and secondly adapt our businesses and our products to support the needs and expectation of both the customers and the employees of the future.” says Co-Founder Christina Thakor-Rankin.

Already supported by some of the biggest and most successful names in the industry, the project is now inviting registrations from any operator, provides, supplier, regulator or industry body who would like to get involved at:

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