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Are you passionate about finding the balance between work and private life? Then we suggest you join our successful event, this time lead by Catie Di Stefano and supported by her featured guests, all of whom have unique work-life balance techniques that she has admired a long time from afar.

In this session, we will touch upon work/life balance in a WFH and remote environment, how we can continue to adapt and thrive both in our personal and professional life, in addition to what we’re learning from COVID-19 in business and life. It will be an open discussion between all registered delegates, so we encourage everyone to share their thoughts by raising their hand or drop a message in the chat.

The event will be held through Zoom and webcam is encouraged.

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You’ll be in good company amongst industry leaders at this event.


Meet the team:

🙋🏻‍♀️ Catie Di Stefano,

Catie is a Marketing Consultant based in Spain, working nighttime from home towards the North American market. She dropped out of high school in Sweden in 2011, moved alone as a teenager to Malta, and worked her way up from customer support at Betssongroup to where she is today.

She has 9 years of experience in the iGaming industry as an employee for many operators, whilst also getting married and expanding her family with daughters Mani, 4, and Mila, 2. Her husband works from home, whilst also attending to their daughters full-time.

A year ago she relocated her family from Malta to Spain and recently started her own consulting firm. She is open about her struggles with anxiety and depressions over the years, and she is devoted to finding a balance between her life and work where she can have it all on both aspects. 

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Featured Guests:

🌟 Max Noremo,

Max is an SEO genius who co-founded his affiliate company whilst sailing around the world with his girlfriend. He stayed in touch with his business partner in Sweden through a satellite phone and also built a successful Youtube channel broadcasting his sailing adventures at the same time.

His company came to be very successful, and he is today a well-known profile in the affiliate world. He has now relocated to Spain, gotten married, and recently became a father for the first time during very strict Spanish lockdowns due to covid19.

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🌟 Fatima Ekenkrantz,

Fatima is passionate about her work as COO at Symplify, a well-known leader in cloud-based marketing automation and CRO for many verticals, iGaming being one. With offices all over the world, travel is an essential part of Fatima’s work. And juggling that, with two young children (a 4-year old and 10-month old) can be challenging. On top of that, Fatima works as a fitness instructor, teaching classes for over twenty years.

While in labor, giving birth to her daughter, she worked to pass time. And two days after giving birth, she was back at work, with her baby by her side. She’s been breastfeeding in-between meetings and decided to attend ICE (according to plan) with the help of her mother taking care of her daughter in-between feeding sessions. She did this – not because she had to – but because she’s passionate about her work and loves to be part of what’s going on.

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🌟 Frida Ericksson

Frida moved from Sweden to Malta as an Aupair but ended up in iGaming, where she worked her way up from payments in Betssongroup to the independent Operations Consultant she is today. She has worked with many big operators on payments and fraud prevention and is a well-known profile in online gambling as a now a certified anti-money laundering specialist and fraud examiner.

Originally based in the Isle of Man, with her fiancé in Curaçao and her family in Sweden – Frida travels for long periods of time to help international operators on different projects. Recently she lived in Spain for many months whilst supporting the launch of, but traveled regularly to see her loved ones in addition to attending gaming conferences and other meetings all over the world. Frida is currently stuck in Curaçao due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

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🌟 Jenny Arnell,

Jenny moved to Malta a decade ago as an Aupair from Sweden, but soon found herself in the world of iGaming like many others. She started out as a consultant and then was hired as one of the first employees of Catena Media to help the company become what it is today. Thanks to her incredible talent for connecting with people, she has accelerated over the years to become Group HR Manager of Catena Media and has alongside work studied and attended internal leadership programs to develop her passion. 


She interacts with employees all over the world on a daily basis and often touches upon the balance between work and life. She personally takes a conscious break from social media by limiting her time on online platforms on a weekly basis. Currently, she is stuck in Malta due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation.

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