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Esu Ma'at
Esu Ma'atDiversity, Equality & Inclusion Strategist

Esu Ma’at

Esu is a trans-disciplinary thought leader who has a distinguished track record of success driving a 21 st Century vision for diversity, equity and inclusion. By aligning strategy with organizational goals, he consistently positions diversity as a catalyst for true inclusion, positive business impact, disruptive innovation and social change. His holistic approach is predicated on a modern business case supported by seismic demographic shifts and compelling societal megatrends.
The following principles underscore his philosophy for leveraging diversity to create discernible value for stakeholders, measurable returns on investments and meaningful returns on society:

  1.  Integrating DEI Strategy with Business Goals and Objectives
  2. Attracting and Managing Human Assets
  3. Stimulating Demand in Diverse Markets
  4. Enhancing Brand Reputation and Social Impact
  5. Facilitating Training and Development Needs
  6. Developing Key Performance Indicators and Evaluation Metrics
  7. Forming Strategic Partnerships

Esu conceived and cultivated this construct during his tenure with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) where he is widely respected for an impressive resume of contributions and accomplishments which include:

  • Creating the USTA Eastern Diversity and Inclusion Strategy
  • Assembling and leading the USTA Eastern Employee Engagement Taskforce
  • Generating the USTA Eastern D&I Scorecard
  • Constituting and leading the USTA Eastern Diversity and Inclusion Council
  • Designing the Diversity Immersion for Volunteer Engagement pipeline program
  • Developing the Allyship-to-Sponsorship program
  • Building the F.A.M.I.L.Y. model for framing effective organizational approach to D&I
  • Preparing the organizational gaps and gains assessment
  • Drafting the D&I Crisis Management and Social Response Plan
  • Establishing the Growing Tennis by Engaging Diverse Markets Outreach Suite
  • Launching the Junior (Athlete) Engagement Program
  • Sourcing, designing and facilitating live and virtual DEI training’s

Esu holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Fairleigh Dickinson University and a Master of Science Degree in Sports Management from Columbia University. He also studied D&I through the Cornell University School of Industrial and Labor Relations.