What is the


The All-Index is a global industry standard index measuring progress for diversity and inclusion. It will provide a report on annual progress and make recommendations in various areas such as corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, unconscious bias and marketing. Companies will be graded on a simple scale and the results will be published annually.

Participating employers demonstrate their work in various areas of employment policy and practice. Staff from across the industry may also complete an anonymous survey about their experiences of diversity and inclusion at work.

Why should businesses


  • Demonstrate a commitment to your staff, shareholders and customers.
  • Assess your organisation’s achievements and progress on diversity and inclusion.
  • Use the Index as a framework for improving the experiences of your staff, and to plan work across other diversity strands
  • Compare your performance with organisations in your region and sector
  • Receive in-depth consultative feedback on your submission as needed.


The tool for workplace equality.


The All-Index will be open for participation December 2017