AIDP’s Statement on Clarion’s Code of Conduct at ICE 2019


The All-In Diversity Project is an industry driven not-for-profit initiative seeking support and benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion across the betting and gaming sector.

Our role is to provide the tools and support for those organisations seeking to develop a culture of diversity, equality and inclusion. Workplace diversity and inclusion are based upon equality, respect and dignity for all.

The Code of Conduct is a timely reminder that flashing lights, stand give-aways, and after-hours social events notwithstanding, the ICE exhibition is, above all else, a place of work.  Almost every attendee – exhibitor, visitor, speaker, ExCel staff, and yes, promo girls too, is there in the capacity of an employee either directly or on behalf of their employer. As such the same rights, standards, rules and codes that apply to another other workplace within the UK or country where the event is held – whether it be dress, conduct or behaviour, should also apply here.

We believe that the betting and gambling industry is a great place to work and offers opportunities for everyone. Our mission is to shift the paradigm for our industry towards an image of inclusion and equality in order to attract the best talent possible regardless of race, gender, sexual orientation, physical ability or background.

To that end we fully support any organisation or business that champions those values and practices that promote and support diversity, equality and inclusion in the workplace, and beyond.

About All-In Diversity Project

The All-In Diversity Project is an industry-driven not-for-profit initiative to benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion. We believe in collaboration not competition and aim to be the global resource for data pertaining to diversity and inclusion. We collect data through employee surveys and the All-Index – a standard index which is set to be the definitive benchmarking tool for the gambling industry to measure progress towards inclusion in the workplace. Our vision is to shift the paradigm for inclusion through transparency, measurability and actionable tactics.

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Industry support from our partners

“As a Founding Member of All-In Diversity, IGT supports the Code of Conduct and applauds the progress the industry is making towards promoting diversity, equity and inclusion. The Code is an important reminder of the expected standards of conduct for all industry participants and our basic responsibility to create safe  environments for all employees, customers and members of the public.”

“GiG is committed to promoting diversity in our own company, and by working with partners such as All-In Diversity, ultimately in the entire industry. We believe that having a professional and respectful working environment, including at industry events, is critical to our success.”

“As one of the founding members of the All-In Diversity Project and a company who on a daily basis is a voice for the gaming industry, both to those who work already in and those who might hope to join the industry Betting Jobs feel it is important to support this code of conduct. Moving to a more diverse and inclusive marketplace benchmarks the progression we are witnessing in the gambling industry. This movement reflects all of our differences and uniqueness, making the industry truly representative of the society we live in and a great industry in which to work.”

“We fully support the All-In Diversity Project’s position on the ICE 2019 Code of Conduct. We look forward to an inclusive event, where everyone is encouraged to develop their business, learn from peers and extend their network in a professional, safe and diverse environment.” — The Gamban Team

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