All-in Diversity Project’s #Opendoors Scholarship Campaign

The idea behind #OpenDoors is simple. If we really want to progress and be a more diverse and inclusive industry, we need to recognise that we did not get to where we are in our career without the help of someone along the way. The #OpenDoor scholarship is holding the door open for our industry’s future leaders.

In 2021, All-in Diversity Project is funding 2 scholarships to UNLV’s Executive Development Program

Date: November 4-15, 2021

Location: Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Burgeoning leaders in every facet of the gaming/hospitality industry are encouraged to apply for this rigorous industry bootcamp. Over the 9-day program, participants will attend daily seminars taught by some of the world’s most influential gaming/casino/hospitality executives and collaborate with other attendees to apply what they’ve learned in a case-study analysis.

The most prestigious leadership development academy of its kind, EDP creates lifelong connections and enables participants to gain valuable insights into an ever-changing industry.

Scholarship applications for the 2021 programme are open.

Applicants for the #OpenDoors scholarship will need to follow the application process outlined by UNLV as well as submit a personal statement directly to All-in Diversity Project.

Find out more here.

A big thanks to our sponsors for making #OpenDoors a reality!

All-in Diversity Project