The aim of the All-Index is to set an annual benchmark for diversity, equality and inclusion across the global betting and gaming sector

We do this through the All-Index Survey, a survey available to any organisation whether it be an operator, provider/supplier, regulator, association or other entity within the sector. We use the data collected to produce the All-Index – an annual industry report. This report helps paint a picture on how, we as an industry, are progressing in terms of D&I.  

The survey has been developed in partnership with the Centre of Diversity & Policy Research and Practise at Oxford Brookes University Business School and the University of Nevada and Las Vegas (UNLV).

Participants responses help to build the All-Index – a report that looks at annual progress and makes recommendations in various areas such as demographic makeup of workforces, corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, unconscious bias and marketing across different types of businesses across the world.  

Why participate?

‘If you can’t measure it you can’t manage it’

The All-Index is applicable to any company or organisation looking to invest in Diversity & Inclusion. It can be used as a baseline and benchmark for strategic and stakeholder planning and identifying key aims and objectives for the year ahead and beyond.

Participants demonstrate their work in various areas of employment policy, process and practice as well as proactive initiatives such as sponsorship and events supporting diversity, equality and inclusion within the community.

Each participating organisation receives a score and corresponding analysis which serves as an ongoing benchmarking tool year over year and:

  • Provides your organisation with a focused and objective benchmark

  • Demonstrates a commitment to your staff, stakeholders  and customers

  • Helps assess and measure your organisation’s achievements and progress on diversity and inclusion within the context of the wider industry

  • Provides  a framework for improving the experiences of  staff, and helps identify achievable aims and objectives  across other diversity strands

  • Compares your performance with organisations in your region and sector