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It provides a report on annual progress and makes recommendations in various areas such as corporate governance, internal policies, recruitment practices, equal pay, employment legislation, unconscious bias and marketing. The All-Index should be used by any company investing in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives as a baseline and benchmark for their internal strategic investments in this area. Participating employers demonstrate their work in various areas of employment policy and practice. Each participating organisation receives a score and corresponding analysis which serves as an ongoing benchmarking tool Year over Year.

Why participate?

The All-Index Survey is a 40 Question survey available to any business within the Betting and Gaming sector. We use the data collected produce the All-Index. We also provide annual benchmarking services and analysis to each participant who completes the survey.

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Benchmark diversity, equality and inclusion for the global betting and gaming sector
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Why should Business participate?

  • Demonstrate a commitment to your staff, shareholders and customers.

  • Assess your organisation’s achievements and progress on diversity and inclusion.

  • Use the Index as a framework for improving the experiences of your staff, and to plan work across other diversity strands.

  • Compare your performance with organisations in your region and sector.

  • Receive in-depth consultative feedback on your submission as needed.

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