Register for the COVID-19: 2020 Impact Survey

In view of the extraordinary events of 2020 we intend to issue a special survey in early 2021 measuring the impact of COVID-19 on the industry’s workforce and subsequent changes in working life, practice and policy.

This survey will aim to understand how 2020 has impacted on the workplace and any previous year’s trends, as well as providing early insight into how businesses may need to adapt subsequent years in order to meet their D&I goals.

Participating in the survey can help your business:

  • Stay on top of emerging trends within the industry
  • Benchmark progress against other businesses
  • Identify problems or pitfalls early
  • Measure workforce sentiments

Participation is free and open to any business who would like to participate. Please fill out the form below and when the survey is ready, you will be notified.

If you would like to register to partake in this survey, please email us at