COVID Impact Survey 2021

Measuring Diversity, Equality & Inclusion in the Gaming Sector

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced both employers and employees to change their approach to work and life.
Whilst we are yet to fully understand the true impact of the pandemic, early indications are that some groups, such as women and ethnic communities, have been more negatively impacted than others.

It’s time to have your say.

All-In Diversity Project, in partnership with Facebook Gaming, are launching a survey targeted at the real-money gaming (RMG) industry. We believe that data can educate and inform, and want you to take part.

By taking part in this survey and sharing your experiences either as an ORGANIZATION (Employer) or as an INDIVIDUAL (Employee) you will help us to build a clearer, more accurate picture of how COVID-19 has impacted on businesses and people in our industry.

The survey is free for all participants and takes 5-10 minutes to complete. All of the data collect is completely anonymous unless you care to share your details with us. There will not be any personal information shared as part of our survey results.