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The All-Index Diversity Survey is the definitive benchmarking tool for global D&I and workplace equality.

Diversity & Inclusion is now a clear industry imperative for all businesses globally. We no longer need to make a business case for D&I but rather need to implement clear strategies for improvement. If your business plans to invest in D&I this year, you should have clear benchmarks in place to measure ROI. That benchmark is the All-Index Diversity Survey (link to main All-Index page)

If you are a business, provider/supplier, regulator educational organisation, charity, association or other stakeholder of any size in the Betting & Gambling industry, the survey is available to you for participation.

Participants are asked to pay a 1x lifetime fee of £500 to participate in the survey. The fee covers admin and will ensure your business is provided with individual benchmarking and analysis for as long as you participate. 

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It’s helpful to have the following information available before beginning (although not necessary).

  • Employee information from payroll and/or HR teams including roles, gender and salary
  • Company employee policies such as Staff/Employee Handbook, Code of Conduct, maternity, discrimination, etc.
  • Company practices such as recruitment and selection, appraisal and performance reviews, etc)
  • Information on any other policies, internal measures or initiatives relating to equality, diversity and inclusion

Once submissions are received and marked, all entrants will receive a score from 1-100. Scoring is confidential between your organisation and All-In Diversity Project. Organisations that participate in consecutive years will receive a progress report along with their current score.

The results then feed into the All-Index Report, a totally anonymised annual report that paints a picture for Diversity & Inclusion for the wider global industry. The report does not feature individual companies data or responses in any way. As well, individual scores are not associated with specific businesses in the global report.

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