All-In Diversity Project is a not-for-profit led by the industry itself. It’s funded and supported by those industry operators, suppliers, educational institutions, regulators and associations that believe in creating a more inclusive sector. Each affiliated association brings something unique to the Project and all are advocates for Diversity, Inclusion and Workplace Equality.

Founding Members

Founding Members of the All-In Diversity Project are blue chip Betting and Gambling companies from around the globe supporting collaboration and the need for a more inclusive industry overall. Founding Members support the project and act as our steering committee ensuring we have the perspective of a variety of businesses from a variety of cultures, backgrounds and jurisdictions in order to progress. Founding Members have a seat at the table with the All-In Diversity Project and will guide the industry’s future in terms of best practices.

Industry Associations

We believe that industry collaboration will be the key to the success of the All-In Diversity Project. Industry associations doing good work in our sector are important for several reasons. From support of the people that make up the industry to customer care and responsible gambling, to research and prevention of harm, diversity and inclusion plays a role across all of our businesses. We believe that the support of our people will be the key to solving problems across our industry and working together, we can solve these problems much faster.

Interested in getting involved?

Email us at to discuss available opportunities.

Strategic Partners

Strategic Partners provide Value in Kind and Pro-Bono services to the All-in Diversity Project. We’ve partnered with those businesses who are passionate about supporting D&I in general but also have extensive experience rooted in our sector.


There are several ways for regulators to get involved in our work. From supporting data collection through the All-Index to providing secondary data to the Project to promoting our work within their jurisdiction, Regulators play a key role with All-in Diversity Project.